Hydraulic Deep Drawn Metal Stamping

Hydraulic Deep drawn pressings


Hydraulic pressings and presswork. At Rical we specialise in technically difficult Hydraulic Deep Drawn pressings having the onsite facilities to draw most materials to include Copper, Aluminium with Carbon Steel and in particular Stainless Steel in grades 304 (1.4301) and 316 (1.4404) circa 300mm deep.

Using our range of Hydraulic Deep Drawing presses with the option of either consistent or variable control of pressure during the draw cycle supports the flow of material giving the opportunity of drawing to depths in excess of what can be achieved using a faster stroking Mechanical Draw process.

Using our Hydraulic presses we are able to develop the Draw / Deep Draw process to suit the component in question producing small to large scale volumetric Deep Drawn components within the limitations of the available plant. A typical and current example via a Hydraulic press route is a 50mm deep stainless steel 0.5 litre semi sphere up to a 298mm deep ob round 95 litre case using Aluzinc, both achieved in one draw and without degradation to the material surface finish.

Subject to the design requirements and constraints the component would be Deep Drawn by a Hydraulic press from flat sheet (cold forming). This combined process route permits pressings up to 300mm to be Drawn and then finished via a Mechanical route to include additional features such as Embossing, Forming, Clipping, Piercing, Plunging, Notching, Folding, Nut and Bolt insertion etc. In many instances subject to design the tooling is designed to complete multiple actions in one tool: Our range of large bed long stroke presses cover fully our Hydraulic Deep Drawing capacities.






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